View of Penryn

Penryn is possibly one of the oldest towns in Cornwall and is steeped with character and history. Located on a hill with spectacular views overlooking Falmouth and the Carrick Roads, it is one of the best kept secrets of the area, although the news is spreading!

The town centre is dominated by a clock tower which is surrounded by shops, cafes, art galleries and local amenities including two banks and a Post Office.

Location and Transport

Penryn is only a ten minute walk from Bay View, here you will find a train station where trains run to Falmouth and Truro every thirty minutes. There is also a bus stop within a ten minute walk where you can catch busses to Falmouth or Truro.

Shops and Galleries

Take a stroll around Penryn and you will be able to cater for most things in the local area.

Eateries and Bars

Penryn also has a range of cafés, bars and eateries that cater to many different tastes:


As one of Cornwall's most ancient towns, founded in 1216, Penryn really is steeped in tradition and history. From its position at the head of the Penryn River, the town thrived during medieval times as a port and trading point for Cornish fish, tin and copper.

Unfortunately for Penryn, it lost it's custom house and market rights to the nearby town of Falmouth in the 17th century, which initiated the continuing growth of Falmouth and led to the decline of the once thriving Penryn.

Rich Heritage

Today, Penryn is a bustling town that has managed to retain an enormous amount of its rich heritage. A large proportion of its town centre buildings date back to Tudor, Jacobean and Georgian times and the town itself is an important conservation area and has more listed buildings than any other town in Cornwall.

University of Cornwall

One recent and influential editions to Penryn, is the building in 2004 of the Combined Universities in Cornwall's Tremough Campus, which overlooks the town from its hillside position. This campus, built on a 70 acre site which was once home to a convent school, houses three separate university institutions - the University of Exeter, University College Falmouth and the Dartington College of Arts. The student halls on campus are home to over 2000 students.

In the last 5 years, due in part to the increased investment and economic stability brought about by the expansion of Tremough campus, Penryn has experienced an influx of revitalisation and regeneration.

Jubilee Wharf

One prime example of this is the development of Jubilee Wharf. Jubilee Wharf is an award winning development which sits at the head of the Penryn River. It encompasses a mixture of housing, workshops, offices and a children's nursery. Built using pioneering techniques of eco-development, and designed by Bill Dunster it has helped create a unique and eyecatching development in the town. Take a stroll around it and you will be delighted by the location and the interesting mix of shops and cafe.